Joanne’s Letter

Thanks a Bunch.

I find nothing more gratifying than to share my love for God and His Beloved Son, through the wonderful work of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Willimantic, CT.

Walking into a one hundred old year Church, which has a hand-carved altar and wooded arches; has to make one wonder.

Besides the nostalgia of the church, its best ornament of all is Rev. Jaci Sheldon.  Her love and dedication as to spreading God’s word is above and beyond.

After Sunday’s Church ceremony at St. Paul’s she then teaches in St. Paul’s Community Room for the homeless who are not sure as to what to believe.  Along with this she brings Holy Communion into this room.  After this, twice a month a Community Room breakfast is served to all.

Rev. Sheldon has also created a weekly Bible Study.  This has grown from a few people as to more than a baker’s dozen.

As to more growth, Rev. Jaci started a Church fund raiser in Willimantic Memorial Park known as “Mingling with Friends,” with such events as brick oven pizza, a raffle, live music, and craft booths.  I had a booth of crafts as to such; I string beads with a cross at each center.  Jaci helped me make more necklaces as to turning it into a community project and therefore much more necklaces were put up for sale.

Mingling with Friends certainly helps the funding of St. Paul’s.

As always,

Joanne Milette (Shine on!)

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