Rachel’s poetry

Rachel and Lewis have been a part of our community for some years now. The were married in church and had their reception in the community room. Recently Rachel has turned to poetry as a way to share her story with our St. Paul’s family. Rachel’s poetry is not just her story, but part of our story as well. We’ll share it here.

My View of the World Is Night and Day

“My view of the world is night and day.
It is sometimes shades of grey.
Shades of grey that I cannot hide.
Of all the hatred and love I have inside.
The hatred I have inside causes me to have so much pain.
It is hard to love somebody and be insane.
Being insane and crazy are two different things.
It is so hard to juggle some things.
Some things are made for the present and past.
It is hard for me to make a memory last.
A memory of mine lasts a lifetime of love.
Especially with God and the angels above.
With God’s help I am able to see.
How the world means to me.”

Rachel A. Woods
January 22, 2014

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