The community care team

In August 2014 we joined the Windham Community Care Team and now are active members. This group was formed as a part of the Greater Windham Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness. It meets once a month – with sometimes 20 people around the table – to discuss programs and do case management for community members with difficult or unusual problems. Most of the team members represent social service provider organizations – and they all are very dedicated to their work. St. Paul’s function is to provide a bridge to support for our community and everyone else we touch.

Basically, we refer people and bring information and insights to the table. They’re based on our relationships as friends within the St. Paul’s community – quite different from a case manager/client relationship!

Confidentiality is taken very seriously by the Community Care Team. Those receiving help must first sign a release which specifies what organization will have access to their information. Those being helped can be sure that no one outside of those specified on the release has access to their personal data. However, this does limit posts on Our stories to those not involving anyone who could be identified.

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